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Each sunglasses style has unique features you’ll want to explore.

All SOS Eyewear provides 100% full spectrum ultraviolet protection. Present on even overcast and hazy days, invisible UV radiation is responsible for sunburns, skin cancers and for the gradual breakdown of the delicate tissues of the eye.

Our sunglasses are UV400, EPF10 rated (except clear lenses which cannot reduce sunglare) to meet or exceed Category 3 of Australian Standard AS1067:2003 for UV and IR protection giving them SunSmart program compliance.

We offer a complete range of lens colors, from our CrystalVision™ clear polycarbonate shields to the darkest of TCO Smoke™ polarized lenses, and, as a dermatologist recommends everyone wear sunscreen every day, we suggest you wear some sort of eye protection whenever you are outdoors.

In addition to UV protection the SOS styles that are fitted with polycarbonate lenses also bock out invisible infrared radiation. This is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that brings the sun’s heat. Infrared radiation is the leading cause of dry, scratchy eyes and SOS polycarbonate lenses are designed to keep the eyes cool and moist. They are the perfect choice for those who wear contact lenses or who may have just undergone eye surgery.

But protection from the invisible portion of the sun’s electromagnetic spectrum, is only part of the job of a great pair of sunglasses. The color of the lens or darkness of their tint does not have a significant effect on harmful UV Radiation, but does effect how well you can see in varying light conditions.

Visible light, also called white light, is also a major comfort concern, and it is what we experience as brightness and glare on a sunny day. Survival Optics Sunglasses provide varying levels of protection from visible light. Whether you choose TCO Smoke™ lenses for their true color reproduction, Enhance Brown™ lenses for heightened contrast and depth perception, Yellow lenses that brighten hazy days or CrystalVision Clear lenses for protection from flying debris while motorcycling or biking, you can be assured you are receiving optical quality eyewear to protect your eyes. A well equipped sports enthusiast always has a range of sunglasses in their gear.

You can always find cheap sunglasses but they wont have durable Grilamid nylon frames, shatterproof 2.2mm polycarbonate lenses and optically decentered lenses offering optimal clarity to reduce eye fatigue, so please bear that in mind but when you compare the features and benefits.

Ballistic Impact Ratings

Ballistic eyewear is a form of glasses or goggles that protect from small projectiles and fragments. There are three standards that are currently used to test the effectiveness of ballistic eyewear. These include a U.S. civilian standard (ANSI Z87.1 – 2010), a U.S. military standard (MIL-PRF-31013), and a European standard (EN166, 169, 170 & 172). 

In brief, the U.S. military standard MIL-PRF31013 clause requires that ballistic eyewear must be able to withstand up to a .15 caliber (at 640 ft/sec) for spectacles and .22 caliber at 550-560 ft/sec for goggles.


Peppers Polarized Sunglasses

Peppers polarized sunglasses

 Prescription Lenses

We off er prescription lens fitting using our laboratory in Victoria. As a guide, the simple RX insert can be completed for you for around AUD$150.

In addition to the inserts, we can fit prescription lenses with tints and/or polarization to most SOS sunglass frames. The limitations are, in general, if the base curvature of the lens exceeds 8C and if the width of the lens exceeds 70mm, then it is not possible.

We have indicated on each sunglass, in the product copy, if the style is prescription compatible or not.  For prescription lenses, we require a prescription from your optometrist that is not older than two (2) years.

For options and a quote, please email us via the contact page if you are interested in prescription lenses in your SOS frame.

CSF (Composite Shock Frames)... Exclusively from SOS

SOS Composite Shock Frames are used to create a low mass, low inertia frame, which will not bounce or shift during even the most extreme athletic activity. SOS Eyewear is built to meet the toughest challenges of competition and active life-styles. Lightweight and comfortable CSF Frames, crafted from Grilamid TR-90, are extremely durable and flexible so as to withstand the rigorous demands and absorb the punishment of active sports. Grilamid is an extremely light, shape retaining, super durable polymer. Formulated as synthetic titanium, it provides up to 20% weight savings over resin frames and results in a super lightweight, heat and chemical resistant frame for longer comfort during sport and leisure.

SOS XLT (Xtreme Lens Technology)

XLT Lenses block glare without altering color perception. ChromaCoat Multi-Color Prismatic flash coatings reflect the Sun's brightness providing enhanced anti-glare vision. SOS XLT lenses have a colorful irridescent mirrored look from the outside that are not perceptable to the wearer.


SOS Polarized MLF (Multi-Layer Filtration)

SOS High Definition PolarMax Polarized MLF lenses are created using hand poured one piece, distortion free, high tech polycarbonate. There are no laminates to separate and nothing to degrade the polarization as with typical laminated polarizing films. SOS MLF is distributed evenly throughout the lens and not laminated to the lens as found on inferior polarized lenses.Laminated polarized lenses can delaminate due to faulty bonding, aging and exposure to heat. SOS Polarized Multi-Layer Filtration lenses block vertically-reflected light by horizontally aligning the crystalline structure of the lens. This makes them ideally suited for use around water, snow, and for driving. Avoid cheap polarized glasses, because poorly made lenses may result in eye strain or damage.

SOS XCLS (X Changeable Lens System)

Survival Optics introduces XCLS: Our exclusive X-Changeable lens system. Multi Lens systems, standard with XCLS styles, provide options for all lighting conditions. Eight, nine and ten base lens' curvatures, matched with sport wrap designs offer maximum coverage and protection from both direct and peripheral brightness. Some styles include a clear lens for biking, yellow Lenses for heightened perception on hazy days and Flash Mirror Coated options for extra bright days. An excellent all purpose choice when changing light conditions are prevelant or anticipated.

DuraLite Polycarbonate Lenses

SOS's shatterproof DuraLite screatch resistant polycarbonate lenses are optically correct and distortion free to provide outstanding optical performance and enhanced vision in any lighting condition.  

Our sunglasses are UV400, EPF10 rated (except clear lenses which cannot reduce sunglare) to meet or exceed Category 3 of Australian Standard AS1067:2003 for UV and IR protection giving them SunSmart program compliance. Polycarbonate is the material used for bullet resistant glass in vehicles and was initially used for safety glasses in the workplace. It is such a hard material that a special diamond blade and grinding wheel must be used to cut and polish the lenses. To form the glasses the material is melted and then force injected into stainless steel molds. The polycarbonate material is naturally UV absorbing, so even SOS CrystalVision clear lenses afford full spectrum UV protection.

Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, durable, impact-resistant and with our patented DuraCoat process, the most scratch-resistant of the plastics. Polycarbonate eyewear is the only approved eye protection for most major police & fire departments. All Survival Optics Sunglasses are warranted by the manufacturer to exceed shatter-resistant safety standards.

All DuraLite polycarbonate lenses offer full spectrum UV protection along with the added benefit of reducing the eye drying heat of the sun's Infrared radiation. Great for those who wear contact lenses or have sensitive, dry scratchy eyes.

Venting Systems

SOS venting systems incorporate exhaust vents into some of their lens and frame designs to enhance air-flow and virtually eliminate fog and condensation. This design feature allows maximum ventilation while blocking extraneous peripheral light from entering your eyes.

SOS SoftTouch Nose Grips

SOS's SofTouch rubberized nose bridges provide a non-slip grip that keeps SOS Sunglasses securely in place during even extreme athletic activity. This self-adjusting material ensures a soft feel and a custom fit regardless of head shape or size.

Temples (Earstems)

The temples on SOS Sunglasses are curved to shadow the contours of your head without putting pressure on your cheeks, temples or behind your ears. Many are then clad in a non-slip material, or have SofTouch inserts to ensure they stay securely and comfortably on your head. This advanced anatomical design ensures a secure fit with exceptional all-day comfort.

Lens Tints and Coatings

Smoke or Grey Tints

The most common and popular of all of the lens colors. Distortion free TCO Smoke lenses are designed to block full spectrum UV radiation while effectively blocking the sun's brightness and reducing glare. All this plus improved visual acuity without changing color perception... that's True Color Optics.

Brown and Amber/Brown Lens Tints

Especially good at blocking the scattered blue light commonly found in diffused light such as one might experience on a cloudy day. SOS Enhance Brown lenses are designed to improve contrast and heighten depth perception. A good lens for golfing and driving and an excellent all-around choice if you live in an area with changeable weather patterns (like the Earth).

Yellow and Yellow/Amber Tints

These lenses, long favored by hunters, target shooters and "night riders", greatly enhance contrast and give a sensation of heightened visual acuity. So-called "Driving" lenses are usually amber or yellow-brown.

Sunglass Protection Hints

If you're profession has you in and out of the sun constantly, like a delivery driver or real estate agent, a sunglass cord is a must. Not only will your sunglasses always be within reach, but you will significantly reduce the chance that you may lose them or sit on them accidentally.

Don't leave sunglasses with plastic frames inside vehicles on warm days. You don't want your sunglasses to "melt" and lose their form. While they don't lose their shape, metal sunglasses will absorb the heat when left on your car's dashboard and could burn you unexpectedly. Keep your sunglasses with you or in the glove box!


It's always best to place your sunglasses in a case when you aren't wearing them. Not only will it help in preventing them from becoming scratched, but it will also protect them from accidentally breaking.

Avoid placing your glasses without a case in your purse or pocket. Keys, coins or combs can easily scratch them and significantly reduce their effectiveness as protective eyewear.


Clean dust, lint, makeup and body oils from your lenses daily with a soft cloth. An excellent suggestion is the Micro Fiber cloth, which we include with many of the SOS sunglasses available on this site.

Using a Micro Fiber cloth will also ensure that the lenses do not become scratched. Most lens scratching is a result of using tissue and other wood based products to clean the lenses. Scratched lenses are significantly less effective at proper sun protection and it is a good idea to protect your investment and your eyes by following simple care and maintenance guidelines.