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Survival Optics Sunglasses (SOS) is seeking brand ambassadors for a mutually beneficial and successful relationship.

We are seeking athletes and individuals who are leaders in their respective fields for a durable relationship that should be a great fit for our brand of performance eyewear.

With product sponsorship, we will assist you with leading performance eyewear to enhance your performance and field of expertise.  Your performance and trust in our brand assists us with brand awareness and physical market leading presence.

If you believe you have what it takes, please send us a brief proposal using our contact form, and we will get in touch with you!


Simon Christie

Simon Christie has been a passionate 4 wheel driver for well over 30 years. Whether it is camping and touring through remote areas or competing in extreme 4wd motor sport Simon has always approached his 4 wheel driving with an enthusiasm and vigour equalled only by his passion and proactivity in positively promoting 4wdriving.

In 2004, Simon launched the exciting 4wd TV, Australia’s first dedicated 4×4 television show, covering all aspects of the 4×4 scene from family day trips to extreme 4wd motor sport. 10 years on Simon now owns and hosts three 4wd related programs including his touring and destination show YOUR4X4 and the informative Simon Christie’s 4wd ProTips.

Now regularly travelling right across Australia and abroad in search of the best 4×4 destinations and action Simon is well known and respected as a pioneering ambassador of the 4wd industry. As such, Simon writes for a number of magazines, appears in and produces numerous training and promotional corporate videos, presents at 4×4 shows and consults industry on product developments and new directions. Simon wears the SOS styles Pro Stealth Military, Peppers Nevada and Thrasher Photochromic.

simon christie 4WD TV

Bear Grylls

This high quality performance SOS EYEWEAR Sunglasses have earned the trust of a famous TV personality - Bear Grylls, whose survival shows (Man vs. Wild, Escape From Hell, Worst Case Scenario, Running Wild) are watched by millions of viewers each week on the Discovery Channel. Bear,a former British Special Forces reservist, submits himself and his equipment to the most extreme conditions. Bear has worn the SOS styles -Expedition, Bandit and Full Throttle in many of his exploits to date!

 Bear Grylls wearing SOS Expedition sunglasses